July 19 ,2022


  • Comfortable Binocular type viewing for long time use for high power.   
  • Premium optics design of patented built-in binoviewer.
  • ED Lens Ohara S-FPL-53, almost zero aberration and distortion to bring the sharp image.
  • Unique linear slides (IPD) interpupillary distance from 58-74mm.
  • Durable protect carrying case
  • Exchangeable eyepieces to provide different magnification.



Best choice for comfortable viewing with 2 eyes! 

This is a innovative design in th world, we break the traditional way of using one eye.  Instead, within 2 eyes observation gives you the best experience with comfortable viewing and incredible 3D image. Especially, when you are using for the long time observing, you can feel how muh the difference from the one eye.  

Suit for both terrestrial and celestial observation! 

You can have a lot of fun when you take BOS to do the planetary observation because the ED lens will give you a clear, sharp and bright image without distortion to enjoy the true image of planet, moon and milky way. Also, it’s excellent to use as a spotting scope to bird watching or nature observation. This product satisfy the needs of different consumers.

Excellent optical design


Excellent optical design!

BOS72/ BOS80 use the ED objective lens which reduce the chromatic aberration give the sharp and almost zero distortion. Bino design give you 3D image. 

For BOS72, it’s 72mm objective lens with 432mm focal length. (f/6). With 12.5mm eyepiece= 35x

For BOS80, it’s 80mm objective lens with 500mm focal length. (f/6.25) With 12.5mm eyepiece= 40x