Founder Optics brand originated in Japan. The quality is acknowledged by Japanese market through many optics experts, astro photographers, and high end amateurs. With the leading edge of Japan optics knowledge and a series of verifications, Founder Optics become famous and known for the impressive performance.

Manufactured by a Taiwan famous optics manufacturer who has over half century experience in producing optical products. As an expert, we achieved the highest quality control for every unit by a series of strict environmental tests on quality assurance. As well, with the half of century experience of high precision machining process and the assembly techniques, Founder Optics brings the consumer a product with more value with amazing performance. Every unit comes with a quality certification card and serial number to guarantee quality when shipped out of factory. By doing so, customers are assured confidence when buying with Founders Optics.

Founder Optics aims to bring users the best use experience. Whether you are shooting, hunting, taking a photo or observing with the naked eyes, you can see i's extremely bright, crystal clear and superb sharp, accurate...etc. The image is close to zero aberration, zero distortion, and with the high contrast which give you the most realistic image to your eyes.

Our goal is to optimize user experience and offer you the most stunning view by creating more product values with high quality and innovative design.