Dual Threaded Adapter for 2'' focuser

Model No: DTA-FF2/ DTA-RED2

  • Design for Founder Optics reducer and flat flattener use
  • Best choice for advanced refractor astrophotography
  • To capture the best image thru the mechanical stability connection
( Dual Threaded Adapter use on the 2'' barrels. Please make sure the 2'' barrels on flatteners/ Reducers are moveable before you buying this product) 
Different from traditional mechanical connection-  to stabilize connection by using thread adapter instead of tension adapter or screw.    
Reduce the gap from every mechanical unit to get a good collimation for the best image shot.
High precision machining thread to give the best connect between draw tube and field flattener/ Reducer.  
Adjust adapter ring to make the camera to the correct direction.

       (only 2’’ will need to adjust as 2 pieces. 2.7’’ is one piece)




How to use:

(For 2pieces mode:DTA-FF2/ DTA/RED2) 

Step1 Make sure the adapter ring is well attached on the adapter. 

(Manufacturer will set up for you, you will received the product which the ring is at the right position already.This step is just for your reference if you remove ring by accident.)


Step2 Connect the adapter to the flattener/ reducer well.


Step3 Connect the set of adapter with the flattener/ reducer to the telescope.





Model No

Product Name


2’’ Dual Thread Adapter for Field Flattener (2 pieces)


2’’ Dual Thread Adapter for Focal Reducer (2 pieces)


2.7 ’’ Dual Thread Adapter for Field Flattener


2.7’’ Dual Thread Adapter for Focal Reducer

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