FL636mm, f/6, 2 ED triplet, Model No: FOT106

Feature for Excellent Optic Design  

      Design in Japan, Made in Taiwan 

How would you like it: 

  • Super ED class with a remarkable image. Crystal clear, superb sharp, almost zero aberration and distorion. 
  • 2 ED Glasses S-FPL 53 & S-FPL 51 & Lanthanum - Fully Separated Triplet (FST)  
  • Fully Multi-coated optics ensures the light transmission
  • Impressive use experience, design for both observation and photography
  • Finely CNC machining aluminum body and patended R& P focuser for heavy loading 360 degree rotable for photography
  • Deluxe high-glossy anodizing finish
  • Retractable sunshade
  • PATENTEDUS 8,693,092 B2 / Taiwan 1417570


Optical System: 2 ED APO Triplet (Fully Separated Elements)

Clear Aperture: 106mm

Focal Length: 636mm

Image Circle (with Field Flattener): Ø44mm

Focuser: 2.7’’ Rack & Pinion Patented Focuser (Twist Lock)

Weight: OTA: 5.5kg/ with Tube Ring: 6.7kg

Diameter of Main Tube: 113mm

Tube Length: Fully Retracted: 557mm/ Fully Extended: 650mm



This is an excellent performance 3-element ED APO triplet refractor designed by famous optical designer in Japan, who is a legendary designer in the Astronomy industry. The optical performance is impressive as we use 2ED glasses.

Unlike most of ED triplet which use only 1 ED glass element, we adopted 2 ED glass of S-FPL 53 and S-FPL 51 to bring a remarkable image to your eyes. With two fluoro-crown ED glass elements and fully multi-coated optics, the refractors provides a crystal clear, superb sharp, zero aberration and distortion.

Besides the lens, we use a unique design- each element is fully separated which is different from other triplet lenses.



In order to complete this unique design, it requires a very high level machining and assembly capability. We work with a 50 years optical factory located in Taiwan. This factory has a long history and keep a good partnership with many Japan famous brands. This factory known for a precisely machining capability and high technical assembly skill. Their producing know-how create accomplishment.

Besides, not only the production process, the high standard of quality control is also crucial to make FOT86 and FOT106 successfully—Quality Certification Card.

We test every unit and create this card to make customer understand the quality customer purchased. By doing so, customer can be confident with our quality and also mean we treat every unit as a delicate product not just commercial product. We are very serious to provide the best triplet to the end user.


 Focuser - 2.7'' Rack & Pinion 

Perfect Hybrid Drive system with 8 Ball bearings- More Smoothly!

2sets of 4pcs ball bearing at 2 sides between the drawtube and the focuser cover travel linearly. After locked the knob, there is no gap among the drawtube, 8pcs ball bearings, and the focuser cover. It does not only keep the focuser always paralleled the optic axis, but also keep it moved very smoothly.

Dual Speed Focuser- 1:11 – Extremely Accurate!

Smooth focus motion and fine focus wheel allow precision adjustment from critical focusing of eyepiece or camera.

Unique Lock Function–  Heavy Loading Capability!

Special lock grabs the rack& pinion & drawtube in two direction. The design makes the focuser always paralleled the optics axis. Instead of pushing against the drawtube to eliminate focus shift while it’s focused. It’s totally breaking the traditional single point fixed design in the market. And can handle up to 8kg.

Longer Traveling Distance– Flexible for Photographing Accessories!

Unlike other focuser, longer traveling distance 95mm provide more room for adjust focus. This is very flexible for some applications.  

Suit for variety photographing accessories to adjust the focuser to gain the best image. Friendly Use! 

Focuser Rotator Function 

Flexible rotated structure provides a convenience for user to have the best position to adjust focuser when observation and photography. The precision machining parts and assembly technique make a good collimation even rotate the focuser and rotator.

Loosen the rotator knob and focuser knob to rotate the focuser and rotator.


 Stable Dew Shield Fixing

Smoothly slide the dew shield.  Three fixing screws hold dew shield well to avoid the spinning or moving while shooting to make sure you can capture the best image. Also, three screws prevents the dew shield falling when carry telescope.

Shoot by Les Coy




Optical System 2 ED APO Triplet (3-elements Fully Separated Triplet)
Clear Aperture 106mm
Focal Length 636mm
Focal Rate f/6
Image Circle (with Field Flattener) Ø44mm
Focuser 2.7’’ Rack & Pinion Patented Focuser (Twist Lock)
Weight OTA: 5.5kg/ with Tube Ring: 6.7kg
Diameter of Main Tube 113mm
Tube Length Fully Retracted: 557mm/  Fully Extended: 650mm



 Distortion with FF


Spot Diagram with FF


What's in the box 
1) High Quality Aluminum Case with Key
2) FOT106/ FOT86 with Patent Rack & Pinion Focuser
3) 1.25’’/ 2’’ Twist Lock Adapter
4) Crank Handle with 1pc 1/4"-20 Hexagon Screw
5) Tube Rings with 4pcs Dovetail Screws
6) Star Finder Shoe
7) Field Flattener (M42) with Exchangeable M48 Adapter
8) 7’’ Vixen Type Mount Dovetail
9) Quality Certification Card with Serial Number
10) Cleaning Cloth
11) Dust Caps (for Objective Lens)
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