Long Perng optical system adopted the design of the world renowned German and Japanese professional optical designers. Besides, we're proud of using the professional precision CNC composite-milling machine to manufacture all Long Perng metal parts and products.


Long Perng has very professional sales team. We uphold the principle "customer-oriented" to meet customers' needs in the globe. We have high quality sales skill to control the market and balance the supply/demand.


Long Perng optical and mechanical skill is innovated and creative. The R&D strength acts as a leader in the field of the market. Long Perng

eliminates counterfeiting; we self-design and self-made all Long Perng products. Our R&D technology is recognized by many well-known brands, and then we co-operate with them to make professional OEM products.


To provide top quality and resolution image to Long Perng clients, we use highly achromatic lens (ED LENS) for most of Long Perng telescopes and spotting scopes comprehensively; the raw material of optical lens is made in Japan. Long Perng has professional optical inspection equipments to ensure that all optical and mechanical dimensions can meet the standard. It includes spherical / aspherical Interferometer, digital centering microscope, auto-collimator, inclinometer, 2D/3D measuring instrument…etc.